For Your Weary Head

by Joel Brandt

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davidarthur Humble, heart-felt, and gorgeous. Let these three simple songs sneak into your heart and stay awhile. Favorite track: Rosemary.
Angel Clare
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Angel Clare Sensitive and poignant lyrics softly float in pleasing melody above calm, lo-fi guitar. Simple and meaningful. Favorite track: Lullaby for Grown-ups.
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Life has been hard for a lot of people for a long time, but it seems like 2016 has been a particularly hard year for many. In my own circle of family and friends, the year has seen the ongoing struggle with mental illness in particular become especially prevalent, and I'm sure many of you can relate too. And of course, when you're dealing with other shitty or stressful things, whether that be cancer or Alzheimer's or politics or death on the news, the onset of anxiety and depression as a result is not uncommon either.

Naturally, the pursuit of and prayer for peace has become a particularly poignant one for me this year. I watched an episode of Bob Ross for the first time recently and I almost cried. In a world that can be so fucked up sometimes, having this amiable afro-ed guy chuckle to himself and whisper sweetly to me all the while painting this amazingly beautiful picture of nature was sublimely heartwarming.

So as you experience those post-Christmas blues, struggle through those long winter nights, and shift into the new year, find your Bob Ross. Brew a cup of tea. Do a puzzle. Put down your phone, turn off the news, and read those silly little novels you used to devour in middle school. Embrace your loved ones and smile at strangers.

Take care of yourself, and let others take care of you. If you're struggling with anxiety or depression or some other kind of mental illness where you just can't seem to find any rest or relief for your weary head, please don't hesitate to talk to someone about it. You're not alone and there is no need to be ashamed. We've all got our problems, and they're always easier to deal with when you know someone's got your back.

This EP was intended to be a source of peace and comfort in dark and difficult times. I know it's not much and far from perfect on a musical level, but it's my hope that at least one lyric or melody line will soothe your soul and weary head in a way that Bob Ross did for me.

Dedicated especially to those family and friends struggling with mental illness this holiday season. Much love and peace <3


released December 21, 2016

Additional vocals on "Rosemary" by Breanne Brandt and Adriel Brandt.



all rights reserved


Joel Brandt Abbotsford, British Columbia

singer-songwriter from abbotsford, bc

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Track Name: Lullaby for Grown-ups
touch down on the Tarmac
swing your bag over your back
flag a taxi down, drive right downtown
then give her a tip and tip your cap

pay for a room on main street
kick off your shoes, put up your feet
it's been a long day of travellin', and nobody knows where all you've been
so tonight you'll just watch TV

... watch TV

wake up to the birds and the freeway
open up the curtains to the sun's rays
eggs and bacon and toast with jam, coffee with cream and you're a happy clam
time to start another day

hit the strip and spend a ton
buy some souvenirs for your loved ones
a t-shirt and a packet of cards, a bottle of wine and a box of cigars
and some souvenirs for your loved ones

... have a drink

the little light turns green, so in you go
chinese and late night talk shows
you better get to sleep, you got an early flight, one more day and you'll be home by twilight
that is, unless it snows

you crane your neck, you see the red
a crowd's gathering, shaking their heads
but no harm done, what's a little delay, it's a big city, go out and play
or maybe just go back to bed

... go to sleep
Track Name: Rosemary
dark nights, days blue
I wish I knew
what you, are going through
and what I could do

it's not war
it's not poverty
and the fault's not yours
so who the fuck do we blame?

black crow, little bean
signs of pain unseen
it breaks my heart, and it breaks yours too
so let's pick up the pieces, let's get out the glue

it's not war
it's not poverty
and the fault's not yours
so who the fuck do we blame
for all of this pain?

God, give us what we need
for our heads not a roof but some blessed relief
hope for tomorrow and present peace
just one good day and a restful sleep

You, you have worth
Mary, Mary gives birth
to Peace on Earth
Track Name: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
have yourself a merry little christmas
let your heart be light
from now on, all your troubles will be out of sight

have yourself a merry little christmas
make the yuletide gay
from now on, our troubles will be miles away

here we are as in olden days
happy golden days of yore
faithful friends who are dear to us,
gather near to us once more

through the years we all will be together
if the fates allow
hang a shining star upon the highest bough
and have yourself a merry little christmas now