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by Joel Brandt

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Angel Clare
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Angel Clare Mumbled harmonies, fuzzy instrument layers, and warm honesty glow like fading embers in the hearth of a homey wood-paneled cabin. Favorite track: Multitasker.
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over the years i've accumulated a number of cover song home recordings, often done for friends or family for birthdays or christmas, and i figured it would be kinda cool to throw em all together on some sort of release before they get toooo old. also tossed in there are five other random original songs of varying age and recording quality that have never really seen the light of day before. Hopefully you can find a track or two to enjoy!


released August 7, 2017

Additional vocals on 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 13, and 20 by Breanne Brandt
Additional vocals on 8 by the Reimer siblings and my siblings I think?? This was a long time ago.
Additional vocals on 11 by Brett Menges, Jamie Apps, Paulina Wiebe, and maybe some other people
Additional guitar on 11 by Jeff Ens



all rights reserved


Joel Brandt Abbotsford, British Columbia

singer-songwriter from abbotsford, bc

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Track Name: Care About Me
i know
that you don't
care about me
so fuck off

i know
that you do
care about me
so don't leave

i know
that i say
things i don't mean
so please care about me

i know
that i'm afraid
i just can't take it
so please don't care about me

i know
and i don't
a mixed up head
i wish you the best
let's forget the rest

care about me
don't care about me
Track Name: Harvest Song
We're reaping the harvest, and after all this, we're bearing fruit.
We've been trying to plant as near as we can to the root.
A growing tree will always need one which to follow suit.
And this one is the one we give all our thanks to.

Praise God, praise God.

We're just one little tree, you're the bark and I'm the leaves.
I notice you, you notice me, and we both see
that we just have a different view- praise the Lord, who knew?- of the same Tree.
And the same God-blessed air, the same God-filled air, is what we breathe.

Breathe deep, breathe deep.

You say you're new to this, well I am too on this journey embarked.
But look at how much we've grown, look at the love we've sown on each other's hearts.
The Lord above, the God of Love has been there from the start.
Every tree in the field bends and kneels and we'll do our part.

Clap hands, clap hands.
Track Name: Multitasker
walking and talking and eating at the same time
just call me the multitasker
watching television, doing long division
efficiency comes first, precision after

you will choke on all your food
you will do it all wrong

babysitting and sleeping at the same time
just call me the multitasker
walking down the street and looking at your hand to greet your friends
instant communication comes first, and safety after

you will lose the kids
you will get hit by a car

you will choke on all your food
you will do it all wrong

hocus pocus, focus focus
hold this, hold this with both hands and
crack it open
it'll be beautiful, it'll be beautiful
Track Name: Stories and Dreams
Water, water, is all, it seems
Lakes and puddles, trickling streams
Coyote does what Coyote means
Breaking down dams with stories and dreams

God the white man rolls up his sleeves
Indian woman’s gonna have to leave
Jesus and Noah, Ahdamn and Eve
It’s Christian rules, now you better believe

Famous explorers or murderin’ men?
On who tells the story it all depends
Rights to fight for, land to defend
or Treaties to break and people to bend

Cowboys and Indians, good guys win
John Wayne and the fairer skin
Anything else would be a capital sin
It’s the White House, white man, Hollywood spin
Track Name: That's My Girl
tights with skulls, a sweater with flowers
she likes Cops and Austin Powers
she likes The Bachelor and DMX
i've never known someone so wonderfully complex

that's my girl, that's my girl Breanne
she's my woman and i'm her man
that's my girl, yeah, my girl Breanne
she's my woman and i'm her man
her man

she cooks real good and she looks real nice
a perfect blend of sugar and spice
sweet as honey, with a bite like whiskey
and when she kiss me, i get oh so frisky

she paints pictures and takes them too
there's not a lot that she can't do
respects herself and respects all others
she ain't a fighter, she's an open-minded lover

she's a cat lover
and the best hugger
oh, and she loves butter
there'll never be another

there'll never be another